What is an API? And how does it help our Customers?

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. This describes how a computer system obtains data from another computer system without any human interaction.

As an example, on our current fleet platform, users can login, select a vehicle and choose what trips to view. If a customer would like to import this data automatically into their systems, the computer would not be able to login and download the data. Rather, it would use an API to read the information from our system (practically, it would connect to the same website, but directly request XXX information from YYY to XXX). API’s allow our customers to read data from the vehicles and import it automatically into logistic, accounting and admin systems. The most common API’s used by customers are SOAP and REST API’s, and Cartrack offers both of these.

Inside each API there are methods; these methods provide specific data such as “last positions”, “vehicle lists”, “trips info”.

A typical application would be a customer logistic system whereby you would need to know where a vehicle is located in order to deliver a parcel or a admin system that needs to billed for a trip made to a customer.

Typically, we would provide the API Endpoint (example: fleet.cartrack.nz/api) to a customer and they can user their usual USERNAME/PASSWORD to access the system. There is no setup required for this—these API’s are live on all Cartrack servers and available to all fleet customers.

It is also possible to customise API’s based on customer requirements and needs. Please contact the support department if you have any queries.