The Speed Summary Chart Report

You can’t watch the vehicles in your fleet and the drivers on your team in person, but you do have to monitor them. You have to do this for a range of different essential business reasons, one of the most important of which is safety. Our fleet safety system is the solution.

You can monitor every vehicle and driver in your fleet in real-time, improving safety and reducing risks to your staff, customers, the general public, and your business.

The Speed Summary Report shows speeding trends over time. The Report includes two speed summary graphs for total trends as well as individual speed summary graphs per vehicle.

How to access the Speed Summary Chart Report:

1. Log into Client Login on the Cartrack website
2. Click on Reports at the op of the screen
3. Tool bar drops down where you can select Setup

4. In the Category bar, select All
5. In the search bar (below the Category bar), type in Speed, and all reports pertaining to that will appear.
6. Select the Speed Summary Chart Report
7. In the option box fill in the necessary information you require on the vehicle or vehicles.
8. Select the blue button below the option box, Submit.

9. The Speed Summary Chart Report will be generated and will be emailed to the addressed provided in PDF format.