The Benefits of Location Sharing

Location sharing is an incredibly useful feature in Fleet Management, especially for customers working in the delivery sector.

Today we explore the uses of Location Sharing, the security aspects, and how to use this feature in the Cartrack system.

Location Sharing Uses
This function can be especially useful for Cartrack users who want to update their customers on a vehicle’s whereabouts or expected time of delivery.

Rather than simply knowing that it’s “on the way”, Location Sharing allows you to see exactly where it is and when it’s likely to arrive. Our integration with Maps also indicates any traffic delays, and allows drivers to select the most efficient route.

When it comes to sharing a vehicle’s location, we are particularly mindful of security, both of the confidential information your system holds, and of the driver’s safety.

Our Location Sharing function allows you to share a vehicle’s position without the end user being able to view the other vehicles in your system, generate reports or make changes to any profiles.

You will have complete control of when the function should be terminated, by indicating when the link expires when setting it up. For example, if your employee takes their vehicle home at the end of the day, set the function to terminate at the close of business so the end user can’t see where the vehicle goes in its off-hours.

How to Share Location

  1. Log into your Cartrack Fleet Management system
  2. Select List and click on the relevant vehicle
  3. Click on Share Location in the top right-hand corner of the screen
  4. Choose Link Expiration and select the date and time the link expires
  5. Click Generate Link
  6. Copy the URL to the clipboard
  7. From here the link can be pasted in an email or instant messaging App

When the end user opens the link, this is what they would see. Only the vehicle’s location is visible and all other functions and vehicles have been disabled.

Location Sharing