Temperature Monitoring

Keep your refrigerated cargo fresh with temperature monitoring

Our reefer temperature monitoring software will ensure your refrigerated cargo is always fresh, reducing rejected deliveries and keeping your customers happy.

Real-time reefer temperature monitoring

Easily monitor temperature conditions in your refrigerated trucks or trailers and receive live alerts the moment there are any fluctuations, keeping your perishable cargo fresh

Fresh goods, happy customers

Receive full cold chain temperature monitoring reports for every trip and easily attach this to your customers’ electronic proof of delivery, assuring them that their goods remained fresh from pickup to delivery.

Increase operational efficiency and reduce running costs with temperature monitoring

Streamline your workflows with everything you need, all from one temperature monitoring device

Optimise your reefer utilisation

Get more for less. Visually plan your refrigerated trucks’ schedules and dispatch jobs effortlessly, maximising haul usage.

No more rejected deliveries

Receive reports on your truck’s temperature range to ensure customers their goods remain fresh and avoid delivering damaged goods.

Remain fully compliant

Have your temperature-tracking, recording and monitoring digitalised and automated, keeping all important documents at your fingertips.

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Optimise your reefer utilisation
Optimise your reefer utilisation