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On-the-ground operations account for the largest contribution
towards emissions. As the world becomes more connected, this is
increasing: global transportation emissions have increased by
almost 80% between 1990 and 2019.

Cartrack provides customers the tools, reporting and insights they
need to track and implement change towards sustainability. By
allowing customers to compare their vehicles and drivers, as well
as benchmark them to others in their industry we enable an
achievable goal-based mindset for improvement.

CO2 Reporting

How Cartrack can help:

Unproductive idling is a small internal change that can have a large external impact.
Our platform offers real-time alerts for proactive change, as well as comprehensive
reporting that pinpoint areas for improvement and highlights how to prevent
unproductive idling in the future.

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Driver efficiency
Our report accounts for essential driving behaviour such as speeding, harsh
accelerating and idling. These driving styles have a significant impact on fuel
efficiency and are largely avoidable through attentive coaching. We promote a shift
of mindset from reprimanding drivers, to getting driver buy-in and offering them
visibility of their performance with a leaderboard through our driver app.

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Route efficiency
Many businesses still rely on pen-and-paper processes and spreadsheets for their
vehicle dispatching and routing. This often leads to inefficient routes or teams
driving to the incorrect address, all leading to wasted fuel and time. Our digital driver
workflow app and advanced route optimization seamlessly allocates jobs across a
team to reduce the mileage travelled, in turn leading to large decreases in mileage
and fuel consumption with the same output.

Vehicle health
Overtime the mechanics of a vehicle see increased friction, less effective combustion
and unsynchronized part movements which all lead to decreased fuel economy.
Through our digital vehicle inspection reports and preventative maintenance routines
customers are able to effectively manage tyre pressure, oil, engine diagnostics and
other critical alerts, in turn ensuring their vehicles remain healthy and as efficient as

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