Small Gps Tracker

In the modern world, assets in your business are at considerable risk of theft and misuse. The modern world also provides the best solution to mitigating these risks – small GPS tracker solutions.

Small GPS tracker solutions are, as the same suggests, small and discreet. This means they can be installed in unobvious and hard to find locations.

Plus, they can be used to protect any asset that is at risk. This includes everything from construction, farming, and mining vehicles and machinery to trucks, cars, and any other machine, vehicle or piece of equipment that is at risk of being stolen. The assets that are used outside your business premises are those often at the most risk.

Tracking Stolen Equipment

Small GPS Tracker Solutions

At Cartrack, we supply small GPS tracker solutions from leading brands. We’ll match the right tracker to your needs, including if your objective is tracking stolen equipment. 

Not only that, but our trackers don’t have an external antenna. This makes them easy to hide on or in your assets.

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Other Uses of Our Small GPS Tracker Solutions

Our small trackers are great for locating stolen equipment, but there is a range of other effective uses too. This includes:

  • Proving work has been done if you use assets to deliver services for clients. For example, you can prove that you mowed a lawn if you provide gardening services.
  • Track the time an asset is at a location to ensure more accurate billing of clients.
  • Following on from the above, distinguish between times where equipment is in transit and working on-site

Expert Advice and Competitive Prices

If you are looking for a small GPS tracking solution to protect your valuable assets, we have what you are looking for. At Cartrack, we work with businesses in a range of industries ensuring their assets are fully traceable wherever they are in the world.

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Featrures of Our Small GPS Spot Tracker Solutions

Our trackers have a range of different features depending on the options you choose. Those features include:

  • Track anything – small GPS tracking solutions suitable for use on any type of asset, from expensive yachts to farm machinery to mobile generators to water blasters
  • Track anywhere – you will be able to track your assets anywhere in New Zealand or around the world
  • Instant notifications – we can help you set up your system so the tracking device notifies you by text or email as soon as any movement is detected with your asset
  • Map location – you can find your stolen asset on an online map in real-time, so you know exactly where it is
  • Customisable tracking – set tracking time intervals according to your needs
  • Movement alert – receive a notification if the tracker detects your asset has been moved
  • Power and battery notifications – we have tracker solutions that will send you a notification if the tracker is turned off or running low on power
  • Daily status messages – get a message every day based on the criteria you set to give you peace of mind your asset is secure

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