MI Fleet

Do you rely on information relating to vehicle investment, efficiency and productivity? Do you want to reduce your company’s overall transport costs and ensure compliance – with Mi-Fleet you can.

Mi-Fleet is a web based software application for consolidating all your fleet management data, including operating costs into a single user friendly database.

The application provides the managers or owners with the analytical and fleet management tools to drive fleet productivity up and operating costs down. Informed decisions can be made based on all the facts which through Mi-Fleet are now readily available.

Easy to use administrative and vehicle cost accounting software that can efficiently manage your fleet, drivers and related operating costs. The full benefits of managing your fleet are optimised when you have installed tracking devices in your fleet. However, you may use this software for your fleet regardless of whether or not your fleet is equipped with telematics technology.

The Main Benefits Include Managing:

  • Finance costs per vehicle
  • Toll fees paid
  • Vehicle services
  • All-inclusive vehicle maintenance
  • Fuel costs per vehicle
  • Tyre lifespan per vehicle
  • Vehicle mileage
  • Insurance expenses
  • Driver license validity
  • Drivers allocation per vehicle
  • Asset depreciation
  • Fines and notices issued
  • Accessories purchased per vehicle
  • Breakdowns per vehicle
  • Supplier payment methods and times
  • Driver permits
  • List of suppliers
  • Vehicle taxes
  • Vehicle permits
  • Integration with various platforms



The below costs are based on a yearly licence and are on the basis that you have a GPS tracking system under management with Cartrack NZ.

An example in cost table below shows that up to 10 vehicles with a total yearly licence fee of $250. However, in the instance that the fleet size grows, such as one or two vehicles the addition cost is an additional $5 per vehicle per month or to the point whereby the fleet is large enough to fall into the next price bracket.

Number of Vehicles

Total Yearly Licence Cost

Additional Vehicles added Per/Month


$250 +$5 per month per vehicle








  • Avis
  • DHL
  • Michelin
  • Uber
  • Armourguard
  • Homegrown Juice
  • Speedy Couriers
  • Prestige Limited
  • Paramount Services
  • Mega Foods Ltd.
  • Blind Foundation
  • Appleby Engineering