We offer a full range of services for the New Zealand market. Please select an option below:


Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management technology benefits business and organisations with any size fleet to manage and measure vehicle and drivers to achieve optimal asset efficiency through maximising fuel economy, minimising labour costs, extending fleet vehicle life cycle, optimising customer service, and ultimately enhancing business productivity and profitability in a simplified and streamlined offering.



New Changes to Health and Safety.


Private Vehicle Tracking with Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Tracking for Private and Business with SVR (Stolen Vehicle Recovery) This is an add on feature to any of our Fleet Management packages for businesses. It could be for one vehicle, part of a fleet or the whole fleet.


Asset Track

Our GPS/GSM asset trackers are a self-contained wireless tracking device that can accompany any movable asset either on land, air or sea.


MI Fleet

Do you rely on information relating to vehicle investment, efficiency and productivity? Do you want to reduce your company’s overall transport costs and ensure compliance – with Mi-Fleet you can.


Insurance Telematics

Telematics is a powerful means to manage the behaviour of drivers, and in turn, better manage insurance premiums through risk management strategies.



4 in 1 communication, navigation, tracking and task management device


Mobile App iOS, Android and Blackberry

Instant access via our Apps


Electronic Monitoring Services

As a telematics leader, Cartrack offers a complete suite of effective tracking and monitoring solutions for the criminal justice industry to support law enforcement, corrections, and security operations.

  • Avis
  • DHL
  • Michelin
  • Uber
  • Armourguard
  • Homegrown Juice
  • Speedy Couriers
  • Prestige Limited
  • Paramount Services
  • Mega Foods Ltd.
  • Blind Foundation
  • Appleby Engineering