CARTRACK Documents and Forms

We at Cartrack want to make things as easy as we can to ensure that you have access to everything you need without having to go on the hunt for what you need. Please see below links and documents to our forms and guides. If what you are looking for can not be found here, please feel free to reach out to us

Our frienly New Zealand based team are always ready to help. We offer more than just GPS Vehicle Tracking. We are your Fleet Management and GPS Vehicle Tracking partner. At Cartrack, we see our customer relationships as partnerships, we are here for your success. Let us assist you with your Fleet Management, GPS Vehicle tracking, Telematics and Driver Behaviour

Is Vehicle Tracking Right for Your Business?

1. How essential is it for your business to boost the efficiency of your fleet operations?

2. How important is managing driver safety and reducing on-road risks to your operation?

3. To what degree do you need to cut down on fuel costs and manage fuel consumption effectively?

4. How crucial is it to have accurate tracking of work hours to prevent unnecessary overtime claims?

5. Rate the importance of ensuring vehicles are solely used for work-related activities, avoiding personal use.

6. How vital is enhancing customer satisfaction through improved response times and service delivery?

7. Evaluate the necessity of having an efficient theft recovery process for your vehicles.

8. How important are in-depth insights and reports for optimising your fleet's performance and decision-making?

9. Rate the importance of automated RUC, WOF, and service reminders for maintaining vehicle compliance and efficiency.

10. How vital is detecting and preventing fuel fraud within your fleet to safeguard against unnecessary losses?

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