Re-discover GPS Fleet Tracking as a Tool to Improve Fleet Management Efficiency, Beyond the Obvious

While GPS fleet tracking is well known, and you may already be using it, often times it’s underutilised. Not because you don’t need the features (like many of us don’t use our cell phones to their full capacity), but because of other reasons. Based on 1000s of conversations with New Zealand Fleet Managers over the … Read more

Effortlessly Find Geofences

Effortlessly Find Geofences When checking for vehicles nearby a specific geofence, you are now able to easily zoom-in to that geofence on the map, searching by the geofence name and then clicking on the search result. How to Zoom Into a Geofence by Searching: 1. Log in to Client Login on the Cartrack website.2. Click on Layers … Read more

No Signal Icon

No Signal Icon Every asset has an icon that is set to a default icon. This icon is configurable, so you can change it according to what your asset is.  How to configure your Icon: 1. Log in to Client Login on the Cartrack website.2. Click on List at the top of the screen.3.Click on Vehicles in the … Read more

The Speed Summary Chart Report

The Speed Summary Chart Report You can’t watch the vehicles in your fleet and the drivers on your team in person, but you do have to monitor them. You have to do this for a range of different essential business reasons, one of the most important of which is safety. Our fleet safety system is … Read more

Take Control of your Home Screen

Take Control of your Home Screen Cartrack’s advanced Fleet Management system puts you in total control of your fleet.    You are able to customize your fleet’s information to what suites your company best. This is a handy way to optimize your workflow while adding a personal touch. The sections that are customizable are: Filter … Read more

Everything you want to know about Speeding

In Fleet Management, speeding plays a very important role. We know the obvious implications and what to avoid; accidents, fines, license demerit points. However, managing your fleet’s speed has many benefits.

NEW! Improved Geofencing

Geofences play in integral part in many Fleet Management operations. There are two big updates to our Geofencing capabilities to introduce…