How we work

The Cartrack Way, Making it Easier and Transparent


Cartrack NZ maybe part of a global company but we understand the local market be it a small fleet of 1-10 vehicles, or larger corporates with complex issues with large fleet requirements. If you have a challenge, we have the solution.

Cartrack are a customer centric organisation and although we may be new to the NZ market we are growing rapidly across multiple sectors of industries. We are dedicated to providing our products and services and understand that the service we provide and our pricing structures are what will help continue the growth of Cartrack NZ.

In completing our NZ market research, we discovered like around the world there seems to be a hefty price paid to receive the services of  telematic providers. Cartrack has an international customer base of approximately 850,000 and growing at about 15,000 per month. Our research and development is well behind us now and we are able to offer organisations our services at prices that can make a real difference to the bottom line.

Here at Cartrack NZ we have taken the information we have gathered from the NZ market and developed packages that reflect real value and with options to add features to suit individual requirements. So, if all you want to do is locate your vehicle or fleet you no longer have to pay for a whole lot of features you will never utilise.

Cartrack NZ believes in transparency in what we do, how we charge and are happy to lead the field in doing so. No hidden costs, no smoke and mirrors you get what you want and need and the price paid reflects this.


Overview of our Pricing Plans:

When looking at what your costs are there are three areas to consider.

1.      To purchase hardware including installation?

2.      To rent?

3.      What monthly tracking package and customised options do I need?


Hardware, or Rental. What Are My Options and How it Works?

To Purchase

The Hardware and installation prices can vary depending on the package you choose. However typically these range from $250-$350 installed. If you choose to purchase this is yours to keep forever and while ever you are with Cartrack we guarantee the product in its entirety. Cartrack NZ suppliers are Cartrack International who carry out the design and manufacturing of their devices, with over one million units on the road today our technology has been tried and tested and we have the volume and scale to supply our world class devices at the highest quality.

If you decide to purchase our hardware Cartrack NZ does not require you to be locked into a contract. We simply invoice one month in advance upon the fitment. To cancel your contract for any reason whatsoever all we require is three months’ notification.


We have one price of $9.95 per vehicle per month which is added to your monthly tracking package. Cartrack NZ requires a minimum term of 36 months to recover the costs of the hardware.

Our Rental Reduction Plan

At the end of the rental term Cartrack NZ reduces the ongoing cost of your monthly tracking charges by $9.95 to reflect that these charges incurred have been covered and all you pay for is the actual monthly tracking charges – we like to think this is our way of saying to our valuable customers that we appreciate the ongoing business and like to reward you with further reductions that translates further to your bottom line.

No Contract

On the completion of the initial rental term Cartrack NZ does not require our customers to be locked into a new contract, we see this as an important part of our dedication and openness and puts forward our business ethos of understanding what our customers want and need and putting this at the forefront of how we like to do business.


Our Monthly Tracking Packages – How We Work

In total, we have developed three plans which range from $14.95 per month per vehicle to $24.95. In addition, we have customised add on’s which can be added to any package. Typically, these customised options have specialised applications for specific customer requirements. You can see from our packages that we have individual prices for each feature.  An example of how this works is you choose the Fleet Plus package at $24.95 per month and require 1, 2 or three options from the customised package – simply view the prices of each of these and add this to your package when working out your costs.  

To view an explanation of our features, click here

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  • DHL
  • Michelin
  • Uber
  • Armourguard
  • Homegrown Juice
  • Speedy Couriers
  • Prestige Limited
  • Paramount Services
  • Mega Foods Ltd.
  • Blind Foundation
  • Appleby Engineering