GPS & GSM Tracking Wellington

Do you need a tracking and management solution for your fleet of vehicles? Do you have assets you want to protect with an asset tracking solution? At Cartrack, we can help with all this and more. We do this with our industry-leading platform that utilises GPS and GSM tracking technology, enabling us to track vehicles and assets anywhere in Wellington, New Zealand, or around the world.

Our solutions are flexible and affordable, plus you’ll benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our experienced team. Please get in touch with us today to get a quote and to discuss your requirements.

Fleet Management Wellington

At Cartrack, we specialise in providing fleet management solutions to businesses in Wellington, both large and small. Whether you have a few vehicles in your fleet or hundreds, we can help.

Our tracking technology records in real-time multiple data points, giving you instant access to information like vehicle location, route, and speed. You can also access to historical and analytical data on things like driver behaviour, fuel consumption, geofencing, and more.

This data helps you to protect the assets in your fleet and ensure vehicles are not being misused. You can also use it to make improvements in your business, whether that is improving driving behaviour, optimising journeys, or ensuring vehicles are properly maintained.

Asset Tracking Wellington

We’ve got your asset tracking needs covered in Wellington too. We can install tracking devices on your assets locally or anywhere else in New Zealand, saving you the time and hassle that would have been involved in getting them to our location.

Once installed, you will have instant oversight over the location of your assets as well as how and to where they are being moved.

Car Tracker Wellington

Whether you need a car tracker, a fleet management system, or an asset tracking solution for your Wellington business, we can help. Call today on 0508 CARTRACK to speak to a member of our team.