GPS Truck, Van, and Car Tracking Solutions in Southland

At Cartrack, we offer GPS truck, van, and car tracking solutions wherever you are in Southland.

Do you want real-time visibility of vehicles in your fleet? Do you want real-time visibility of the location of machinery, equipment, or other assets important to your business? Do you want access to data on the operation and movement of your vehicles to make improvements in your business in areas like safety, productivity, and efficiency? 

To find out more, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

Fleet Management Solutions

Manage, track, and monitor the vehicles in your fleet with our industry-leading fleet management solutions. You’ll real-time visibility of the location of the vehicles in your fleet on a Google map. You’ll also get access to reports and other data on things like fuel consumption, speed, driver behaviour, and more.

We offer a range of fleet management options. Once we understand more about your fleet and requirements, our expert team will be able to put together a customised solution that delivers the functionality that you need. Call today to find out more.

Asset Tracking Solutions

If you need asset tracking, we can help with that too. We use similar GPS and GSM technology that we use in our fleet management solutions to track your assets. This will give you real-time visibility of their location anywhere in the world from your base in Southland.

In fact, because our solution is cloud-based, you can securely access your account from anywhere, letting you monitor your assets anywhere in the world while you are also anywhere in the world. Call today to find out more.

Expert On-Site Installation of GPS Tracker Devices at Your Location in Southland

We make the process of getting a tracking solution set-up as straightforward as possible. This includes providing expert on-site installation of all the GPS tracker devices you need at your Southland location. Get a quote today.