GPS Tracker Otago

Truck, Van, and Car GPS Tracking Solutions in Otago

If you are looking for a truck, van, or car GPS tracking solution in Otago, we can help at Car Track. Our industry-leading solutions and comprehensive platform will give you the monitoring, data collection, and tracking functionality that you need.

We have several options available, plus our solutions can be customised to meet the specific requirements of your business.

The features of our fleet management and tracking solutions include:

  • Real-time visibility of the individual vehicles in your fleet. This information is presented in a map plus you can see other information such as driving speed and route taken.
  • Vehicle access logs are available so you can get detailed information from multiple data points.
  • Our systems also have reporting functionality so you can monitor both your vehicles and drivers to improve fuel efficiency, safety, productivity, and more.
  • You’ll also get notification functionality where the system will send you alerts when a vehicle needs to be booked in for a service or when its WOF needs to be renewed

To get started, please contact a member of our team to let us know more about your requirements so we can give you a no-obligation quote.

Professional Installation of Truck, Van, and Car GPS Tracker Solutions in Otago

At Cartrack, we handle all aspects of the installation of your fleet management solution. This includes the professional installation of all the truck, van, and car GPS tracker devices that are required. It also includes setting up and configuring the platform.

Asset Tracking Otago

We can help with your asset tracking needs in Otago too. In fact, we can help you track and monitor your assets wherever they are in the world. The data our system provides is real-time and accurate.

Whether you need to track machinery, equipment, or any other type of asset, contact us today.