Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management in Northland

A professionally installed and set-up vehicle tracking and fleet management system will give you better oversight of your business in Northland. You will be able to monitor the use of the vehicles in your fleet to ensure they are only being driven for business purposes, plus you can make productivity and efficiency savings.

You can also use our fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions to monitor and improve driver behaviour to achieve objectives like improving the safety of your drivers, reducing risk, and reducing costs through more fuel-efficient driving practices.

We have solutions available for all sizes and types of business and all sizes of fleet. From instant notifications to real-time monitoring to comprehensive reports, you will have all the information you need. Get in touch with a member of our team today.

Truck, Van, and Car GPS & GSM Tracker Solutions in Northland

To ensure the best possible solution for the trucks, vans, and cars in your fleet, we install tracking devices with both GPS and GSM technology, giving us comprehensive coverage in Northland and across the country. 

In addition, wherever the vehicles in your fleet go in NZ, the GPS and GSM tracker units we install will give you instant visibility at your Northland base.

Asset Tracking in Northland

At Cartrack, we also provide asset tracking solutions in Auckland. Our solutions are cost-effective and provide you with effective real-time monitoring of the location and movements of valuable and important assets in your business. Get in touch to speak to a member of our team today.

How We Install Vehicle Tracker Devices in Northland

Getting a vehicle tracker installed on every vehicle in your fleet can be a significant undertaking, particularly if they are regularly outside the Northland area. At Cartrack, we make the process as easy as possible as we’ll come to you.

Our experienced and skilled technicians will professionally install the tracking devices at your location and will help you get the system set-up and configured.