GPS Tracking for Fleets and Assets in North Shore

Whatever type, size, or scale of GPS tracking solution you need in North Shore, we can help at Cartrack. We offer a comprehensive range of features built around our industry-leading platform. The tracking devices we use are high-quality, and they track the location of your vehicles using both GPS and GSM data.

This ensures you get the oversight, monitoring capabilities, and data that your business needs. Get in touch today to find out more.

Fleet Management in North Shore

  • Our fleet management solutions will ensure you always know the location of your vehicles in North Shore, or anywhere else in NZ.
  • Get data to improve efficiency, reduce accidents and other risks, and lower costs.
  • Improve the service offered to your customers.
  • Our solutions use GPS and GSM technologies to accurately track vehicles, recording multiple data points.
  • The above data points include location, fuel consumption, speed, and how the vehicle is being driven.
  • Get key information in real-time.
  • Monitor to ensure vehicles are being used properly and safely.
  • Identify the location of a vehicle that has been stolen. Some of our products include immobiliser functionality too.
  • Get comprehensive reporting features to access vehicle logs, journey reports, driver behaviour reports, geofencing reports, fuel consumption information, and more.
  • Get reminders for servicing, upcoming WOFs, RUCs, etc.
  • Fitting is straightforward and we come to you.

Asset Tracking in North Shore

The features of our asset tracking solutions in North Shore include:

  • Know where assets are, when they are moving, and where they are moving to.
  • Track assets anywhere in the country or around the world.
  • GPS tracking technology.
  • Our tracking devices are waterproof and have batteries that last up to three years.
  • Get access to a comprehensive and easy to use dashboard.
  • Get instant notifications and daily status messages with customisable settings.

Truck, Van, and Car Tracker Installation in North Shore

At Cartrack, we provide truck, van, and car tracker installation at your location in North Shore. Get in touch to find out more.