GPS Tracking Solutions for Your Business in Manawatu

Do you want to implement a GPS tracking solution in your Manawatu business? Whether you want to track and monitor a fleet of vehicles or assets in your business, such as equipment or machinery, we can help at Car Track.

Our solutions use the latest technologies include both GPS and GSM tracking, giving you the widest possible coverage and ensuring you can access the most accurate data available.

Our platform is cloud-based, so it is highly secure, plus you can securely access it wherever you are located. You’ll have all the features and functionality you need, including map visualisations of the location of your vehicles or assets, as well as a range of other important data points and reports.

We’ll also make sure at Car Track that you get the best solution for your business, customised to your needs and scalable to deliver maximum flexibility. Contact us on 0508 CARTRACK to get a quote.

How Can GPS Tracker Devices Benefit Your Manawatu Business?

  • Get real-time information on the location of your vehicles and assets
  • View data and information that you can use to improve the efficiency of your business, reduce accidents, improve driving abilities, lower costs, and improve the service you offer to customers
  • Protect your assets and vehicles from theft, including faster recovery in theft situations
  • Enhance the management of your fleet with notifications to remind you about vehicle servicing requirements, WOF renewal dates, and more

Asset Tracking in Manawatu

With extensive experience providing asset tracking solutions in Manawatu and elsewhere in New Zealand, we’ve got the solution that your business needs. Get in touch today to find out more.

Fleet Management in Manawatu

With GPS tracker devices installed on your vehicles, as well as our fleet management platform, you’ll have everything you need to monitor your fleet from your Manawatu location. You will also be able to improve the performance, safety, and reliability of your vehicles.