Car and Vehicle Tracking Solutions in Gisborne

Whether you have cars, trucks, or other types of vehicles in your fleet, we have the tracking solution your Gisborne business needs. We use high-quality tracking devices manufactured using the latest GPS and GSM technologies. These tracking units are installed by our experienced and skilled technicians.

We then have an industry-leading fleet management system that receives, monitors, and records the data from the tracking units we install on the vehicles in your fleet. It is based in the cloud, is highly secure, and is packed with features. Contact a member of our team today.

How Our Vehicle Tracking Solution Will Benefit Your Gisborne Business

  • Access comprehensive reports on journeys, geofencing, fuel consumption, driver behaviour, and more
  • View vehicle logs
  • Ensure vehicles in your fleet are being used appropriately
  • Get real-time data on location, speed, route, and more
  • Use the real-time and reported information provided to you by the system to improve efficiencies, reduce accidents, cut costs, and increase productivity

The tracking devices we install in the cars, trucks, and vans in your fleet use GPS and GSM technologies, giving your Gisborne business maximum visibility and oversight.

Car GPS Gisborne

We can also help at Cartrack if you are looking for an asset tracking solution in Gisborne. Our systems will give you real-time monitoring capabilities of your assets, wherever they are in the world. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more.

Looking for a Vehicle Tracker Solution in Gisborne?

At Car Track, we have experience providing vehicle tracking solutions for all sizes of fleet in Gisborne. We offer a range of customisable solutions, with competitive prices and an assurance that you will be supported by the best team in the industry.

This includes helping you get set-up with the system, plus we’ll install the vehicle tracker units you need at your Gisborne location, minimising the logistical hassle of getting the solution up and running.