The GPS Tracking Solution You Need in East Auckland

At Cartrack, we’ve got the GPS tracking solution you need in East Auckland. This includes fleet management solutions for all sizes of fleet as well as asset tracking solutions.

Our system works by installing a tracking device on your vehicles or assets. Our tracking devices are robust and high-quality, plus they feature the latest GPS and GSM tracking technology.The trackers record multiple datapoints. You can view this information using our secure platform. It is based in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere.

The information you will see includes maps showing real-time location data of your vehicles or assets, whichever is being tracked.

Depending on the solution you go for, you’ll also get reports and other information on things like location, vehicle speed logs, journey logs, and driver behaviour reports. You can monitor fuel consumption so you can take steps to improve fuel efficiency in your fleet.

To learn more and to get a quote for the tracking solution your business needs, please contact us today on 0508 CARTRACK.

Fleet Management Solutions in East Auckland

We specialise in fleet management solutions in East Auckland, working with companies that have both large fleets and small. When you get a fleet management solution from us at Cartrack, we’ll handle all aspects of the installation of the tracking devices. We’ll even do the installation work at your location to make it easier for you. Please contact us today to find out more.

Asset Tracking Solutions in East Auckland

Whether you need to keep tabs on assets locally, elsewhere in New Zealand, or as the asset moves or is used in another part of the world, we can help at Cartrack. We offer industry-leading asset tracking solutions in East Auckland for affordable prices. Get in touch today.