Truck, Van, and Car Tracking Solutions in Bay of Plenty

Fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions offer significant benefits to your Bay of Plenty business. This includes better monitoring of where your vehicles are and how they are being used. Fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions also provide you with information that you can use to improve operational efficiency, customer service, driver behaviour, and more.

We can help if you want to upgrade and improve the truck, van, and car tracking system used in your Bay of Plenty business. We can also provide you with a system if you currently don’t have a solution in place.

We offer a range of options to ensure you get a solution that meets your requirements and budget, plus you’ll benefit from the expert support offered by our professional and experienced team. Give us a call today to find out more.

Fleet Management Solutions to Give You Greater Oversight and Information

  • Real-time and historical information and oversight using multiple data points
  • The data points tracked include location, speed, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, route, and distance
  • See the real-time location of vehicles on a Google Maps visualisation
  • Access multiple reports
  • Set up notifications to get reminders of maintenance, WOF, and RUC due dates

Car Tracking Bay of Plenty

Do you need an asset tracking solution? Do you need to track and monitor assets in the Bay of Plenty, elsewhere in New Zealand, or around the world? Do you need a solution that is robust and reliable? We can help at Car Track. Get in touch today.

Vehicle Tracker Installation at Your Bay of Plenty Location

Our fleet management system runs in the cloud, so it is highly secure, plus you can access and configure it from anywhere in the world. The vehicle tracker devices, however, must be physically installed, which we’ll do at your Bay of Plenty location. You don’t have to worry about getting the vehicles in your fleet to us as we’ll come to you!