Do You Need a GPS Tracking Solution in Auckland? 

If you need a GPS tracking solution in Auckland that is modern, uses the latest technology, and is affordable, we can help at Car Track. We offer a range of options, whether you want to track a few vehicles, a large fleet, or assets like machinery or equipment. Our solutions use both GPS and GSM tracking technology to give the widest possible coverage area. You can also have confidence in the accuracy of the data the system produces. The presentation of that data on your dashboard is easy to read and understand, giving you instant access to location information as well as the reports and logs you need to improve your business. You’ll also benefit from the knowledge and experience of our skilled team. We can help you find the right tracking solution at the right price, so contact us today on 0508 CARTRACK.

Fleet Management Auckland

At Cartrack, we make managing and monitoring your fleet as easy as possible. Our fleet management solutions are used by both large companies and small throughout the Auckland area.

This includes fleets of trucks, vans, cars, and other vehicles. Get a no-obligation quote for the solution you need today.

Asset Tracking Auckland 

Asset tracking in Auckland is the other main service we provide at Cartrack. This means we can help you monitor and keep tabs on the location of some of the most valuable assets in your business, such as heavy machinery or equipment. Call 0508 CARTRACK to find out more.

On-Site Installation of GPS Tracker Units in Auckland

Whatever option you choose, we offer professional GPS tracker installation at your location in Auckland. We’ll also help you configure the system, so it meets the requirements of your business.

Please get in touch to speak to a member of our team whether you want to replace your existing tracking system, or you need a new installation.