Case Study: Enhancing Security and Recovery for Katies Elite Cleaning through Geofencing Technology


Katies Elite Cleaning, a business specialising in cleaning services, was facing a challenging situation. Suspicions arose regarding the theft of valuable cleaning products and equipment, leading the company’s management to seek a solution to address this pressing issue.


With a substantial amount of cleaning supplies and equipment disappearing at an alarming rate, Katies Elite Cleaning needed a reliable way to monitor and track the activities of certain staff members who were under suspicion.


To combat the theft issue, Katies Elite Cleaning turned to Cartrack. Cartrack advised them of the Geofencing feature and activated the alerts and reports based on the location in question. By implementing geofencing, the company gained a powerful tool to closely monitor the movements of specific vehicles associated with the suspected staff members.


Upon identifying a particular address where one of the company’s vehicles was making frequent stops, Katies Elite Cleaning utilised Cartrack’s geofencing feature to get alerts and reports of the vehicle’s movements to this area. This step allowed for focused surveillance and monitoring of the suspicious activities.


The outcomes achieved through Cartrack’s geofencing technology were remarkable. The constant visits to the specified address became undeniable evidence of the theft activities, leading to the recovery of over $2,000 worth of stolen cleaning supplies. This recovery marked a significant victory in addressing the losses the company had experienced over several months.

Additionally, through Cartrack’s vehicle tracking solution, another address was identified as being frequented by the suspects. Armed with this vital information, Katies Elite Cleaning promptly informed the local authorities, providing concrete evidence to dismantle the theft ring that had been affecting the business.


Cartrack’s geofencing solution proved to be a game-changer for Katies Elite Cleaning. The technology not only facilitated the recovery of stolen assets but also empowered the company to take legal action against the perpetrators, ensuring accountability and safeguarding business interests.


Incorporating Cartrack’s geofencing technology has been a pivotal step for Katies Elite Cleaning in enhancing security, deterring theft, and achieving substantial recoveries. The case serves as a testament to the effectiveness of having a quality vehicle tracking and fleet management provider with tools such as geofencing as a proactive and impactful solution for businesses facing similar challenges, or without these tools, might not even be aware of any suspicious vehicle movements. Through this successful partnership, Katies Elite Cleaning has positioned itself as a prime example of how innovative technology can lead to enhanced security and operational success

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