How Geofencing can benefit you

Modern fleet management offers many features that give you much better control of your fleet. One of these modern technological wonders is geofencing, which allows you to create a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographical area in which your vehicles are allowed to travel, ensuring that you always know exactly what is happening with your drivers.
How does geofencing work?
A geofence can either be created as a pre-defined set of boundaries or dynamically generated as a radius around a point location. Geofencing works as a location-based service, with an app or other software using either GPS, wi-fi, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) or cellular data to trigger a pre-programmed action whenever a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits the virtual boundary.  A geofence can trigger text messages or prompt mobile push notifications to alert fleet owners and managers of any transgressions.

How geofencing can benefit you:

  • Prevent vehicle theft: should your vehicle be stolen and leave the geofence area that you created, you will be alerted and can take appropriate action to try to retrieve the stolen vehicle.
  • More intelligence for your business: by pairing up the data created by geofences with other information relating to driver performance, your fleet managers and drivers can ensure that they’re paying attention to the right key performance indicators, improving the way that you utilise resources in your business.
  • Keep your business on track: geofencing can inform you when someone arrives at a site and leaves. This ensures that there is driver accountability, and allows you to make sure your drivers are on schedule.

Using different formats, Cartrack enables you to implement world-class geofencing for your fleet.  

Creating a geofence:

  1. Log in to Cartrack Account
  2. Navigate to the List tab
  3. Select Geofences
  4. Click + Add Geofence
  5. Name the geofence and provide a description

Helpful Hint: To make the most of geofencing, set up groups of geofences such as client locations, staff home addresses and teams such as Sales or Deliveries. This will ensure that the Geofence reporting is robust and provides actionable information to help manage your team.

Geofence Reports
Cartrack offer a wide range of reporting for geofencing. From the Reports – Setup tab, filter the Category to Geofence to see all related reports. Here is a closer look at one of the most useful geofencing reports, the Productivity Report.
Creating a Productivity Report:

  1. Log in to Cartrack Account
  2. Navigate to the Reports tab
  3. Click Setup
  4. Select Productivity report
  5. Tailor report to your needs by selecting groups, defining hours and dates
  6. Compare like to like for the best results i.e. week to week, region to region, team to team

This example explores the productivity of a Sales Team. The Geofences created were to understand team members movements between the Office, with Clients, Driving and at Home. Each team member has their own table, which shows their working hours organised into columns showing actual time spent within each geofence.

That information is used to turn the hours into percentages which show that for April team member #1 spent 23.56% of their time at the office, 1.72% with clients, 13.33% driving and 50.6% at home.