GPS Tracking Cartrack Report Customisation

The wealth of data that is generated by Cartrack units are broadly categorised as events (Positions) or trips.

Trips are groups of events grouped between ignition on and off.

Most reports relate to certain event (position) groups or trips.

Cartrack has designed many pre-configured reports to interact with data.

We understand that every organisation have their own ways to report and are happy to support every client by providing an easy report customisation functionality so that you don’t need to call upon the IT team to tweak the report to your liking.

Cartrack platform provides a tool that allows our clients to customise reports with a few easy steps.

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Who Needs an IT Team?
When Customisation is Simple in Just 5 Steps

Step 1. Choose Category

Step 1. Choose Category

Step 3. Filter Data

Step 4. Schedule and submit