GPS Live Tracking Reminders

Using the Reminder function in the Cartrack system is a no brainer because it is saving Fleet Managers an invaluable amount of time.

Reminders are fully customisable and easy to set up. Cartrack platform even offer accurately worded templates for frequently used Reminders, so that setup takes less of your time.

This is one of many handy tools that Cartrack offers to help keep vehicles and drivers safe and fully compliant when on the road.

Users can opt-in to receive automated e-mail reminders for the following expiration dates:

  • Registration
  • W.O.F
  • C.O.F
  • RUC

Additionally, any number of reminders can be generated for maintenance-related activities based on:

  • Distance travelled
  • Hours worked
  • Time passed

These are typically used for servicing, tyres and licensing.

Reminders that are due are conviniently listed on the Cartrack desktop platform so that you have the ability to sort and filter these as required.


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GPS Live Tracking Alerts Cartrack Examples

With over 20 different Event Alerts the applications are endless.

Reminders are customisable to suit your fleet’s needs. For example, you can set Reminders for:

  • a driver or vehicle based on time spent in a particular location
  • distance travelled
  • worktime

Creating Templates for frequently used Reminders will streamline the management process and save a lot of admin time and stress.

Cartrack users can configure as many Reminders as they want. We also offer an opt in service where we can automate reminders for you, for REGO, WOF, road user charges.

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Some frequently used Reminders include:

WOF & REGO Expiry
Set by date, with customisable notification before the expiry date, ensuring your fleets documents are up to date all the time.

Service Reminders
Putting off or forgetting about a vehicle service can lead to more costs and vehicle down-time. Never forget another vehicle service again by setting up Service Reminders.

They can be set by date, or by KM Distance recorded by the Vehicle.

RUC Reminders
Set by distance and recorded like Service Reminders.

Drivers Licence Renewal
Ensure your Drivers’ Licences are up to date to avoid fines or missed days of work due to an expired license.