GPS Tracking Hours

Machine Hours Worked

Distance travelled is not always relevant in assets tracked by Cartrack.

On some assets, the hours of use are what is important. 

Tracking all vehicles in real-time means you can account for every hour it is used. This not only helps with accounting but also helps with audits and increases safety of vehicles on the road, as well as increased accountability of drivers, which leads to improved Driver Behavior.

In these cases, Cartrack connects to the hour meter of a vehicle and reports the time the motor of the asset was running.

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Understanding Summary Machine Hours Also Known as "Hours-of-Service"

The term “hours-of-service” is used to define the total time taken by a driver who works for a company.

This includes the time spent driving, but also resting and filling up with fuel.

If all of these pieces are put together, one gets a better understanding of how much fuel is required to do a certain job including when it was done and how long it took.

With this information, one knows what things can be altered in order to eliminate unnecessary waste.

For example:

it could be noticed that an employee has been driving for longer than he or she needed to do the assigned task on site (and likely made mistakes along the way) which is when said employee would be told to change his/her approach or possibly receive disciplinary action from higher ups if he/she doesn’t relinquish their habit.

Avoid non-compliance

Keeping track of how much time or usage your assets have is important for proper maintenance and keeping machinery and people safe.

You can better ensure that each vehicle, machine or item is kept up to date with its maintenance needs by not just having running totals but also a solid record of any other costs related to taking care of them.

Follow heavy machinery usage limits

When your employees have to work using heavy machinery, you want to make sure they are protected.

Whole body vibration spreading through the floor of certain work vehicles can cause health problems like back pains and other future issues.

The longer an employee works in these vehicles, the higher their risk of developing long-term problems. You can monitor and prevent excessive working hours to keep your staff healthy.

Improve overall vehicle health

Engine hours will highlight where your vehicles have been left idling for too long. While it does put unnecessary strain on the vehicle, it also wastes fuel and increases carbon emissions.

Hours Towing are Recorded too

Cartrack cloud-based platform provides alerts, reports and reminders, based on hours in the same way as distance.

That means as a Fleet Manager you are in greater control over your fleet operation because distance-related measurements and reporting may not provide comprehensive enough insights. Coupled with knowledge about the hours spent you can make understand the whole picture and make more informed decisions every time.

Cartrack is putting you in control!