GPS Live Tracking Data Management & Storage

Cartrack put a lot of effort to ensure your data remains yours and is stored in a safe and secure environment. We have secure data storage and backup to ensure all your telematics information remains safe.

Data is stored on servers, in secure server centres, and is accessible for many years.

Trip data is available on the live server for 1 year and older data is e-mailed on request given the short notice.

Cartrack provides online access to 6 months’ worth of historical data.

We also offer a secure archive storage capacity of up to 5 years.

Historical Data is incredibly useful for comparative reporting, finding trends, and optimising fleet management.

Data is available on the website for 6 months, following that it can be retrieved by Cartrack.

Data collected by Cartrack is confidential and remains the property of the fleet owner

All of Cartrack’s data centres follow strict international environmental and security standards to ensure your data is always available and secure.

All the locations we use meet the following strict standards:

  • 150-14001— environmental certification ensures that the environmental temperature and electricity is managed correctly.
  • 150-270001 — security-based certification ensures that data is secure and cannot be accessed.