GPS Live Tracking History & Trip Replay

What is Live Tracking History & Trip Replay?

GPS Live Tracking History & Trip Replay allows you to see the routes that your drivers used for a particular trip which leads to increased efficiencies, owing to the avoiding of route deviations.

Cartrack History & Trip Replay ability offers a number of practical benefits for the company:

  • Analysing historical data makes it possible to optimise common routes, which provides for increased cost savings, due to fewer kilometres driven
  • Historical data can help to redefine established routes to avoid busy roads and times of heavy traffic, which lead to tangible savings in time and fuel
  • Observation of driver’s behaviour allows to provide fact-orientated feedback to each driver leading to improve driver behaviour.

Video / Imagery:

  • Show in the system, clicking on any registration brings you to history and trip replay. Current status pops up and where you see the timeline under the map and choose the table with the different trips in there.
  • Best way to explain that is with a video / screenshot or two of the screens.
  • One visual for anyone who doesn’t want to play the video.

GPS Live Tracking History & Trip Replay allows Fleet Manager
to monitor driver behavior, providing access to information on

  1. ignition status,

  2. arrival times, and route deviations,

  3. data and alerts on any instances of excess idling speeding,
    harsh acceleration, braking and cornering.