GPS Live Tracking with Cartrack

What is Live Tracking?

Cartrack tracking system gives you clear visibility of your fleet and its operations. It allows you to quickly see where your vehicles and drivers are at any given moment.

At any given time of the day!

See exactly where your vehicles are in real-time, with the latest satellite images and mapping technology at your fingertips. This allows you to set up jobs quickly and strategically, and have a reliable staff to carry them out with.

That’s 24/7, 365 days a year, the tracking is always on. See how we do it and Request a Free Trial now!

The Cartrack GPS Live Tracking technology
starts adding value from the moment it is installed.

Drivers that know they are monitored are likely improve their driving habits, and conform to their vehicle conditions of use. (Link to blog explaining that employees have to be informed that they are being tracked)

How does GPS Live Tracking work technically?

The Cartrack device uses a built in GNSS receiver (GPS) to record all vehicle activity. This information is transmitted to the Cartrack servers, via the Vodafone network. Unlimited users, authorised by the client, can access this information from internet browsers or a mobile APP.

The data is presented and utilised in a variety of ways, depending on client specific requirements. Exceptional or unacceptable behaviour can be highlighted, homogenous data can be grouped and measured but the outcome is useful data that is an essential management tool.

If the vehicle is prevented from transmitting activity, 80 000 events are stored and transmitted when connectivity is restored.

Difference Between Time-Based vs Event-Based Tracking

  • Wants to show landing page on the web app (showing the list of vehicles and the map with the clusters on the right).
  • Video – wants to show someone using the service. It’s live in the sense of every vehicles current status is a diff colour, every vehicle latest position is displayed. And at a glance you can see where all your vehicles are. On the left-hand side under the Rego you can see what they’ve done (in the coloured bar) for the day. If they not doing anything then no information is sent.
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There is no need to send a signal from a GPS tracker all the time because sometimes nothing happens. Therefore, it is a common practice to send a signal in intervals.

You may have heard of time-based tracking, which sends data every 30-60 seconds.

It’s no secret that on the road a lot can happen in a matter of seconds. 

That is why a time-based GPS tracker can miss the important information that occurs during these 30-60 second intervals.  

When your fleet is monitored by a time-based GPS Tracker you are at risk of missing the important information that happened in-between times when tracking occurs.

On the contrary, an event-based GPS tracker only gets activated and sends a signal when a significant event occurs.

Cartrack offers event-based tracking, which is configured to transmit location and telemetry input data at regular intervals (typically one-minute, two-minute or five-minute intervals while the ignition status is on), or when an event occurs (door open/close, auxiliary equipment on/off, geofence border cross). Each event triggers the unit to transmit data.

Cartrack platform integrates seamlessly with Google Maps, allowing a variety of views to best suit your needs.

If the vehicle is prevented from transmitting activity, 80
000 events are stored and transmitted when connectivity is restored.

With Cartrack event-based GPS tracking, you’ll be able to view a far more accurate representation of your vehicle’s activity on the map while also being able to access more detailed, meaningful information when creating reports and alerts.

Cartrack’s GPS event-based live tracking reports a vehicle’s position whenever it:

  • Change’s ignition state
  • Accelerates and Decelerates
  • Deviates 5 degrees when turning
  • Detects any cases of harsh turning, braking and acceleration
  • Exceeds speed thresholds
  • Detects vehicle idling

Live Traffic is the latest feature in our mapping software.

With this feature, you can view live traffic status on your designated routes, enabling you to redirect your drivers to alternate routes, saving time and money.

At a glance, Live Traffic also shows you the position and status of each fleet vehicle, as well as a summary of their daily activities.

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“I don’t have the budget to bring someone on full-time to monitor the data.”

We agree. Hiring a new employee solely to manage a GPS solution is an additional expense you don’t need. That’s why it’s important to find a solution with automated reported and alerts. Do you need a solution to help with vehicle maintenance? Set up automated alerts that go directly to your service department letting them know when oil changes or tire rotations are due. Do you need to cut fuel costs? Set up stop and idle reports to go to you or your management team on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom time frame you create. Remember, the purpose of automated platforms is to make life easier, not more difficult.

“I don’t want to upset the drivers overlooking every move

The most common objection we hear about tracking company vehicles is the “Big Brother” theory, or that it’s an invasion of privacy. While not upsetting your drivers is a valid concern, think about it this way – every other business has metrics for their employees to hit, so why should a mobile workforce be any different? Tracking company vehicles is not about distrusting your drivers; it’s a means of controlling costs, improving efficiencies, and driving revenue for the company. In our experience, if drivers are still pushing back after it’s presented like this, there’s a reason.
Don’t be afraid to improve and grow your business by tracking company vehicles because of any of these objections.