GPS Tracking by Cartrack 40+ Reports with Cartrack

Cartrack’s system has over 40 different reports available, they are configurable and can be saved as templates to aid in efficiency for frequently used reports.

Reports can be automated and configured so they are emailed to you on particular days and at specific times.

Our range of comprehensive reports includes:

  • Detailed Vehicle Logs,
  • Trip Overviews,
  • Driver Scorecards,
  • Violation Alerts,
  • Fuel Consumption,
  • Geofencing Overviews
  • and 34+ more



  • setting up a report in the system. Set it to repeat so its automated. Show that particular parameters and times that the report is sent can be chosen.

Best Kept Secret!

GPS Tracking offers a massive opportunity to improve all kinds of driver’s behaviour.

This is closely related to improvements of productivity.

However, once you start to measure productivity you find it’s not so easy.

While the data is there but if it’s not dealt with correctly there’s a lot of manual work to be done to find out the information.

Therefore Cartrack has a rather unique report “name of the report” without which you have to apply a lot of manual labour to understand tracking data.

Just at a glance on this report, you can see all your comparable employees grouped together how much time each one in your own defined business hours, spend at home, office, out driving, with clients or unknown.

Realistically the car can be only in 5 places. We divide the time amongst those, at a glance you can see what the person spends their time doing and compare to their peers.

Indispensable management tool.

If you’re going to invest in our system, you have to be running this report.

Johan, can we have a sample of this report??

The ‘Risk Management Report’ and ‘Driver Scorecard Report’

These reports are useful to understand driver behaviour and potential risks. These are some of the most commonly used, and information-rich reports, which aid in an immediate change in behaviour and therefore increased risk management, as soon as the device is installed.

Clients can generate and schedule Reports at their convenience, and set them up as reoccurring so that each report only ever needs to be set up once. There is no limit on the number of reports that can be run.

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