Cartrack Unlimited Users

Did you know that Cartrack does not sell “seats” on the platform?

There is no limit to the amount of users that can log into an account simultaneously

Cartrack supports fleet management to increase the efficiency of your fleet. Therefore we offer a choice of configuration to access Cartrack from anywhere you are in the country (even when on overseas holiday!):

  1. You can set up unlimited logins for individual users.
  2. It is also possible to log in with the same credentials from different locations.

Our innovative smartphone app gives you consistent access to your fleet data. Live Tracking, Maps and Vehicle Details are all standard, as well as Speeds, Trip History and Mini Reports are all available on your phone.

Our mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and can be found on the App Store and Google Play.


  • There is an existing video about getting help logging in, as that is a constant query from Cartrack customers

Our mobile application is fantastic for people on the move because Cartrack platform integrates seamlessly with Google Maps, allowing a variety of views to best suit your needs.

If you leave cellular service, access to Live Tracking is temporarily halted until your device is back in range. 

The data collected when service is lost is stored, and then available to access when cellular service is restored.

Alongside the mobile app, Cartrack’s web-based software provides instant online access to both the current and historic location of your vehicles. 

Our comprehensive fleet management application boasts a simple and effective user-interface that allows for unrestricted access to over 40 detailed Reports, Alerts and information on your fleet.

Even when the vehicle is prevented from transmitting activity, 80 000 events are stored and transmitted when connectivity is restored.

Here are a few helpful hints to ensure a successful log in to Cartrack

  • Check your username carefully – count the number of zero’s and be aware the log in portal is case sensitive.
  • If you forget your password – simply click ‘Forgot Password?’ which can be found under the password box.
  • Save your log in details for a faster, easier log in every time, by ticking the ‘Remember me’ option.
  • If you are a sub-user – un-tick ‘Admin Log in’ and a Sub Username box will appear, fill in your details and log in.
    • New Feature: Sub-users can now also change their password using the ‘Forgot Password’ feature on the log in screen, or via Profile Settings.

Who Else Needs Remote Immobilisation?

The ability to prevent a vehicle from starting – why would you need it?

Well, it depends on your fleet. It’s a preventative function that we hope you don’t need to use frequently, but you can rest easy knowing it’s there.

We are talking about Remote Immobilisation. This is where we can prevent a vehicle from starting. How does it work?