Auto Reminders

What is Auto Reminders

Fully Customisable Reminders

Auto reminders are a feature of Cartrack’s vehicle tracking systems that help fleet managers and other stakeholders stay on top of important vehicle maintenance tasks. These reminders are generated automatically based on data collected by the tracking system and can be customised to meet the specific needs of the fleet.


Using the Reminder function in the Cartrack system is a no brainer because it is saving Fleet Managers an invaluable amount of time.

Reminders are fully customisable and easy to set up. Cartrack platform even offer accurately worded templates for frequently used Reminders, so that setup takes less of your time.

This is one of many handy tools that Cartrack offers to help keep vehicles and drivers safe and fully compliant when on the road.


Fleet Managament

Some frequently used Reminders include:

WOF & REGO Expiry
Set by date, with customisable notification before the expiry date, ensuring your fleets documents are up to date all the time.

Service Reminders
Putting off or forgetting about a vehicle service can lead to more costs and vehicle down-time. Never forget another vehicle service again by setting up Service Reminders.

They can be set by date, or by KM Distance recorded by the Vehicle.

RUC Reminders
Set by distance and recorded like Service Reminders.

Drivers Licence Renewal
Ensure your Drivers’ Licences are up to date to avoid fines or missed days of work due to an expired license.

Benefits of Auto-Reminders

Improved vehicle reliability: By ensuring that vehicles receive timely maintenance and inspections, auto reminders can help reduce the risk of breakdowns and other mechanical issues, improving vehicle reliability and reducing downtime.

Increased efficiency: Auto reminders can help fleet managers optimize maintenance schedules, reducing the need for unplanned repairs or downtime that can disrupt operations and reduce efficiency.

Better compliance: By alerting fleet managers to upcoming inspections or other regulatory requirements, auto reminders can help ensure that all vehicles are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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