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GPS Tracking Cartrack Always Included Features

Standard Services Offering

GPS Tracking Features That Are Always Included with Every Cartrack License as Standard Services

GPS Tracking Cartrack solution puts you in control wherever you are by offering a user-friendly desktop solution and an innovative smartphone application.

When choosing a GPS Tracking solution for your fleet, it’s important to understand what’s included, so that you can make a truly informed decision.

Unlimited Users Can Access Tracking Data

Cartrack supports fleet management to increase the efficiency of your fleet.
You can set up unlimited logins for individual users. It is also possible to log in with the same credentials from different locations.

Available on Desktop and Mobile Application

Cartrack allows you to access data on your desktop from anywhere there is internet access (office, home, etc.).
You can also conveniently access all data from your cellphone using easy to install Cartrack mobile application.

That’s what this page is about. Be informed to be in control of your fleet and your decision about tracking.

How to Use This Page

Click on the orange button under each feature below in order to learn more. This information is beneficial if your fleet is not yet fitted with GPS trackers to learn more about value you can receive.

As you learn more about these features and their benefits, and if you currently have a GPS Tracking solution, you can now ask yourself : “Does your tracker do that?”

Our aim is keep Fleet Managers informed to help them choose the GPS Tracking system that fits their needs in the best possible way. You can even ask for a free trial to run alongside your current trackers.

In 0 Hours
GPS tracker can be fitted by a Cartrack local installer with over 10 years experience in the field

Live Tracking

Track and know what's going on with each vehicle in the fleet in real-time up to a minute.

Cartrack's event-based tracking offers more meaningful information compared to popular time-based tracking.

History / Trip Replay

Access historical information on ignition status, arrival times, route deviations for each vehicle.

Analysis and observation of driver’s behaviour allows to provide fact-orientated feedback to each driver leading to improved behaviour.


Cartrack measures and sends alerts on any instances of excess idling speeding, harsh acceleration, braking and cornering amongst many others.
This feature alone offers measurable benefits to the company.,

40+ Reports

Imagine having access to forty reports at your fingertips with Always Included Cartrack Standard Services for your quoted monthly fee.

Someone said: "If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it." Cartrack can help you to measure more.

Report Customisation

If Cartrack report layout does not work for you then we can customise it for you so it matches better to your reporting format.

When you are comparing GPS tracking solutions always ask if there is an option to customise reports.


Cartrack has a variety of automatic and custom Reminders which are designed to save Fleet Managers a lot of admin time.

From automatic reminders about WOF and other important dates there are fully customisable, easy-to-set up reminders.

Data Management / Storage

All data collected by Cartrack GPS tracking devices is confidential and remains the property of the fleet owner.

Cartrack put a lot of effort to ensure your data remains yours and is stored in a safe and secure environment.

Unlimited Users Can Access Tracking Data

Cartrack supports fleet management to increase the efficiency of your fleet.

You can set up unlimited logins for individual users. It is also possible to log in with the same credentials from different locations.

Driver Behavior

GPS tracking solution by Cartrack is a proven tool that encourages good driver behaviour.

Over the years we noticed that the mere act of installing our devices provides a noticeable improvement in drivers "doing the right thing". That includes less speeding, more careful driving and a lot more.


Geofencing is a powerful concept that allows you to create a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographical area in which your vehicles are allowed to travel, ensuring that you always know exactly where your drivers are.
Geofencing increases security and helps with more efficient use of your fleet.

Mapping Licenses

GPS tracking solution relies on using quality maps. That is why we invest in mapping license so that you get more accurate data at all times.

There is no additional investment for you because everything is included with the Always Included Standard Services.

GSM Costs Covered

Cartrack is committed to the cost-effectiveness of our service and we always look for ways to decrease costs to you.

Cartrack provides the SIM card in the device and pays the associated cots to the GSM network provider. This is one of many ways we save you money.

Hours Recorded

While distance travelled is very important, sometimes the hours spent have a significant impact on the delivery schedule, billable hours and more.
That is why Cartrack offers three types of hours tracked to help Fleet Managers do their job better and be in full control.

GPS Tracking from Cartrack Offers Three Efficiency and Productivity Benefits.

  1. Inspire Drivers to “Do the Right Thing”
    While Increasing Driver and Vehicle Safety
  2. Put Manager “In the Know” in Real-Time
    Which Increases Efficiency of Fleet Management
  3. Ability to Analyse and Measure Activities Means Accurate Billing and an Increased Productivity amongst many other benefits.
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