GPS Temperature Control with Cartrack

What is Temperature Control?

Cartrack offers sophisticated temperature control

If you’re transporting temperature sensitive goods, Cartrack’s Temperature Monitoring is the solution you need to ensure your goods get from A to B in pristine condition.

How? We install probes that measure the temperature at all times, ensuring any SLA agreements are upheld.

A recent example is one of our client’s – a well-known juice brand – who needed to ensure that the temperature of the goods remained below a particular threshold, including during deliveries.

To achieve this, we created a system which has between 2-4 temperature probes in different places in the delivery vehicle. For this client two probes were required; one was in a water bottle simulating the products actual temperature, and the other was at the cargo door, reading the temperature there to ensure that it didn’t rise too much during deliveries.

The device includes the temperature reading in the normal tracking data the system collects. It also reports any changes in temperature when the vehicle is stationary.

This system also allowed our client to ensure that their sub-contractors were adhering to the temperature requirements when one of the delivery vehicles refrigerators needed repairing.

Use the Temperatures Sensors Report to see a full report of the goods temperature throughout the journey to delivery. This is especially useful to provide to your customer as proof that the temperature was within the agreed range.

Any vehicle with refrigeration we can install 4 different probes within the vehicle to determine if the temp requirements was met. Home grown juices client; they have a requirement that people that distribute have to keep the juice between 2-6 degrees while transported. Designed a graph for them to show the temp as they drive.

Johan to provide copy of that report.

Set alerts for temp. what happens when ignition is off, the temp is still monitored, every time the temp changes by 1 degree the device sends an event and a client can set alerts for if it reaches a certain temp to be alerted.

Temperature Monitoring

Transporting temperature sensitive goods? Cartracks Temperature Monitoring is the solution you need to ensure your goods get from A to B in pristine condition.