GPS Panic Button with Cartrack

Cartrack provides practical direct support to ensure the safety of drivers

People are the greatest asset to any business. Without staff, nothing would happen! As an employer I’m sure you understand this better than most; the wellbeing of your drivers is of the upmost importance.

Give yourself and most importantly, your drivers, peace of mind with the Panic Button.

Receive a dedicated panic button with any emergency situation that is built into your vehicle and connected directly to our 24/7 control room.

Install a hidden switch in the vehicle which the driver can press and it sends a silent distress signal to 24-hour control room. Our service here is that we will phone up to 3 pre-established numbers and alert whoever answers the phone. For the service to have any benefit the numbers that must be of people that a) answer the phone and b) would know the circumstance of the vehicle. With high number of false events, it’s a waste of time. Typically installed on seatbelt stem, accessible but not visible. don’t give away where it is. When vehicles go in for service that’s when they get false panics. Kids play in the car; it gets tripped by mistake occasionally.