GPS Configurable with Cartrack

Cartrack is a highly configurable system which allows every company to have the required level of data gathering, control and support, while adhering to industry standards and requirements.

We tend to think that Cartrack units are only suitable for in-vehicle applications; however, there is a multitude of applications that these units could be used for.

Modern fleet management offers many features that give you much better control of your fleet. One of these modern technological wonders is geofencing, which allows you to create a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographical area in which your vehicles are allowed to travel, ensuring that you always know exactly what is happening with your drivers.

  • A customer in Portugal required us to track their staff when using vehicles and what buildings they visited. Subsequently, a fleet lite unit connected to 200VAC was installed in the building, thereby allowing the same Driver ID tag to be used inside both the vehicle and when the staff member enters the building.

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In this application, the staff member was required to present a tag on the way in and out of the building. Using an intelligent reporting mechanism, Cartrack was able to report not only on the driving time, but on the amount of time that the staff member spent inside the building.

This application is used heavily in the service industry, where a customer typically drives to a location and services something at that location. Typical examples would be office cleaners, corporate plant care, servicing of printers or building maintenance. The customer can validate that the staff member was onsite for the required duration and that periodic visits are completed as part of a possible SLA.

In all applications, it’s important to not only consider the location, but to take into account what additional information can be collected via the Driver ID and sensor inputs of the devices.