GPS Communicator with Cartrack

What is Communicator?

Cartrack’s Communicator is a powerful software application tool for mobile tablets and phones that combines communication, navigation, tracking and task management technologies into one solution. Communicator allows you to streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce costs through the effective real-time management of your mobile workforce.

Assign tasks and communicate directly with your users/drivers from the web to their Android/iOS devices.

Communicator also allows drivers to report vehicle defects and create DVIRs.

Separate app that is a job dispatch app that gets managed from the normal web app, in conjunction with a separate mobile app that drivers have to download. With this you can communicate with drivers from the web app, you can send them tasks, they can accept the task and you can follow progress of task. They can get proof of execution from clients and it can also be used as a vehicle inspection template DVIRs (google acronym) Vehicle Inspection something.

with this show screenshots of the app and the screen on the fleet management website. Video.