GPS Cameras with Cartrack

What is Cartrack Cameras?

Cameras offer a new layer of data and increased real-time support to the driver

We recently introduced Live Vision a flexible, comprehensive, and easy-to-use four-camera vehicle video system. It ensures that you as a fleet owner are always kept in real-time visual contact with your fleet. Video event recording and transmission technology considerably aid the safety, efficiency, and productivity of your fleet.

Our set up allows for up to four cameras in the vehicle, offering the ability to monitor any part of the vehicle, internal and external. Some good examples include truck cargo doors, and the side of the vehicle which is particularly useful for delivery services and traffic management vehicles, especially in crowded city areas.

When the vehicle goes into the Wi-Fi network it automatically uploads the footage to the network. The camera also holds a weeks’ worth of driving data, so if a vehicle doesn’t come back into Wi-Fi range frequently, the footage can be downloaded from the camera remotely.

We highly recommend investigating the options as they have proven invaluable to our clients.

A common set-up consists of one camera, which captures two views; the driver and the road out of the front windscreen. The camera captures high-quality video and audio both during the day and at night. The footage is available to view in real-time on the desktop or mobile app.

The purpose of the dash cam is to carefully record every detail that takes place both, on the road and inside the car, and it can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • Understand road incidents involving the vehicle and/or driver
  • Improve driver behavior

We’ve got a std offering – is a front and rear facing windscreen fitted camera, connected to a DVIR (digital video recorder) and all movement is recorded, stored on DVIR, can be viewed remotely via app, and when the vehicle foes into the clients WIFI networks it dumps the data on their server, where they can view and retrieve it at their leisure.

Show a clip – used in newsletter and linked to YouTube.

If the client doesn’t have suitable Wi-Fi set up, its saved-on SD cards on the DVIR and they can cycle on a weekly basis. More of a manual process.

With these additional services the point is if they want them and it hasn’t been discussed with the proposal it needs to be quoted for additionally.