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GPS Tracking Cartrack Advanced Features

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GPS Tracking Features That Can Be Included with Your Cartrack License at Extra Cost If Needed

GPS Tracking Cartrack solution puts you in control wherever you are by offering a user-friendly desktop solution and an innovative smartphone application. Basic Cartrack license offers a lot of control to fleet managers.

When choosing a GPS Tracking solution for your fleet, it’s important to understand what’s included, so that you can make a truly informed decision.

Unlimited Users Can Access Tracking Data

Cartrack supports fleet management to increase the efficiency of your fleet.
You can set up unlimited logins for individual users. It is also possible to log in with the same credentials from different locations.

Available on Desktop and Mobile Application

Cartrack allows you to access data on your desktop from anywhere there is internet access (office, home, etc.).
You can also conveniently access all data from your cellphone using easy to install Cartrack mobile application.

Panic Button

Give yourself and most importantly, your drivers, peace of mind with the Panic Button which allows to know if there is an issue.

Cartrack provides practical direct support to ensure the safety of drivers.

Temperature Control

When you’re transporting temperature-sensitive goods, Cartrack’s Temperature Monitoring is the sophisticated temperature control solution you need to ensure your goods get from A to B in pristine condition.
Historical data also available.

Asset Tracking

Cartrack can track almost any moving asset from money boxes to trailers, cranes, boats and more.
Asset positioning is recorded at set intervals, up to three times a day, and upon detection of motion.


Cameras offer a new layer of data and increased real-time support to the driver - a flexible, comprehensive, and easy-to-use four-camera vehicle video system.
It ensures that you as a fleet owner are always kept in real-time visual contact with your fleet.

Various Inputs

Cartrack’s system is designed to integrate with vehicle inputs such as PTO switches, allowing you to confidently know the exact status of service vehicles such as Trucks and heavy machinery. When the Driver activates the switch/PTO our unit registers what time it occurred, where, and for how long.

Off-Road RUC

RUC is charged according to how many kilometres a vehicle travels, and its type and weight. All of this information is collected by the Cartrack system; the GPS calculates the distance covered. Setup a reminder for RUC expiry, using our Reminders functionality. Never forget another RUC payment

Remote Immobilisation

Prevent unwanted driving, with a start inhibit known as Remote Immobilisation that safely and effectively manages which drivers can operate particular vehicles. To start the vehicle, the driver must present their Driver ID.
This feature requires specific Cartrack Hardware in your fleet vehicles.


Communicator allows you to streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce costs through the effective real-time management of your mobile workforce.
Assign tasks and communicate directly with your users/drivers from the web to their Android/iOS devices.


Mi-Fleet is an easy-to-use administrative and vehicle cost accounting software that will efficiently manage your fleet, drivers and related operating costs and transform them to be more informative and effective.
To get the best out of the Cartrack system we highly recommend using Mi-Fleet.


Cartrack is a highly configurable system which allows every company to have the required level of data gathering, control and support, while adhering to industry standards and requirements.
We tend to think that Cartrack units are only suitable for in-vehicle applications; however, there are a multitude of are applications that these units could be used for.

Custom Reports

In case Cartrack always included 40+ customisable reports are not enough to fulfil your specialised needs, Cartrack offers the opportunity to set up genuinely custom reports.

As with everything Cartrack does we create features that are beneficial for fleet management aiming to support your proprietry systems in the best way possible. That's why Cartrack reports are fully customisable.

GPS Tracking from Cartrack Offers Three Efficiency and Productivity Benefits.

  1. Inspire Drivers to “Do the Right Thing”
    While Increasing Driver and Vehicle Safety
  2. Put Manager “In the Know” in Real-Time
    Which Increases Efficiency of Fleet Management
  3. Ability to Analyse and Measure Activities Means Accurate Billing and an Increased Productivity amongst many other benefits.
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