How Cartrack is Different and
what does it mean for you and your fleet

How Cartrack is Different

and what does it mean for you and your fleet?

Cartrack New Zealand Limited is the local branch of a Nasdaq-listed vehicle tracking company Cartrack. Cartrack is one of the GPS tracking pioneers and is now leading smart mobility internationally.

Cartrack New Zealand provides local service and support backed by an international team that has full control of the GPS tracker creation process from hardware design and manufacturing to software development and support.

Cartrack New Zealand was established in 2016 and now installs 500 devices per month. Around 300 of those devices are for new vehicles of existing clients who choose to work with Cartrack without being locked in a long-term contract.

A skilled New Zealand-based local team of 20 professionals offer nationwide installation, support and training by Cartrack skilled professionals.
Our team also offers 24/7 email and phone support from real New Zealand-based people.

Working with us you get the best of both worlds because Cartrack New Zealand offers the latest technology backed by an international large company behind motivated local support. 

Why Choose Cartrack?

There are many reasons why businesses like yours choose Cartrack as their preferred GPS Tracking solution.

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose Cartrack New Zealand:

  1. Cartrack NZ offers a free trial so that you can determine if this is the right solution for your fleet.
  2. Cartrack NZ does not “lock” you in the contract, because we prefer to work with companies and fleets that choose Cartrack for its benefit for the business, not because of contractual obligations.
  3. Even when you are already using a different solution Cartrack NZ can help you with GPS tracking for your new vehicles so that you can run two systems in parallel and decide which one suits you best.
  4. Cartrack NZ provides a  SIM card as part of every license so that you can save more.
  5. Cartrack NZ warrants GPS trackers for the duration of your subscription. Since Cartrack NZ does not bind clients in contracts, you determine the length of the warranty subscription.
  6. The Cartrack NZ’s software and hardware are under continuous improvement by international R&D team of experts. As a result there are new features and capabilities offered every year.
  7. Every year there are new functions and  improvements added to Cartrack software that are provided to all clients at no extra cost.
  8. As part of an international company Cartrack NZ can pass savings on their hardware to the end customer. That is possible due to the combined purchasing power of Cartrqack group worldwide. So that you can enjoy ultra-competitive pricing.
  9. Software performance is greatly improved when there are more users. Cartrack software is used by over 5 million devices  internationally, whichi means that you get access to better-tested, more robust software, which immediately translates into better performance.
  10. Cartrack NZ clients enjoy the efficiencies and  efficiencies based on lessons learned over 20 years of installing more than 5 million devices.

Most Cartrack clients report that they benefit from utilising vehicle tracking.

Many clients say they won’t try to run their businesses without tracking, again.

Reach out if you want to talk to one of our clients about their experience.

Here is why Cartrack is truly good, not too good to be true.

We all know that there is a risk with every business decision.

No contract is how Cartrack helps you to be more protected.

So if it turns out that after

  • a free trial
  • best-priced license
  • hassle-free rollout,

You still feel you are not getting an adequate return on investment, you send an e-mail to Cartrack and your subscription is cancelled before the next billing run.

As simple as that!

Cartrack NZ turnaround times on installations are second to none.

99% of new installations are done by Cartrack NZ staff at the time and location nominated by our clients.

That is why we do not have a backlog of installations and typically arrange and do installations in a matter of days after receiving the go-ahead from clients.

If there is any challenge with installation (less than 1% in all years) we are able to attend to and resolve issues immediately.

Whether you have never tracked your vehicles,
used to or are using GPS tracking at the moment,
why would you not consider Cartrack?

GPS Tracking from Cartrack Offers Three Efficiency and Productivity Benefits.

  1. Inspire Drivers to “Do the Right Thing”
    While Increasing Driver and Vehicle Safety
  2. Put Manager “In the Know” in Real-Time
    Which Increases Efficiency of Fleet Management
  3. Ability to Analyse and Measure Activities Means Accurate Billing and an Increased Productivity amongst many other benefits.
GPS Tracker Free Trial Cartrack

Not sure yet? You are welcome to take a FREE trial

So that you have sufficient time to assess how Cartrack can provide you with total peace of mind while saving you $s and stress in the process.

Yes, you can have a free trial even when you are under another contract.

Even better because then you can compare the performance of both.

Our team is looking forward to working with you. Questions? Call NOW 09 444 1244