FleetWeb Load Times

There may be times where you might feel that the Cartrack fleet management web page is taking a longer-than-normal time to load. 

This is generally due to an update to the Cartrack fleet management software, which in turn requires your web browser to re-download it in it’s entirety. This is generally a once-off event and only takes a couple of minutes. Once the software is fully loaded, it will be much faster to load when accessing it again in the future (until the next update). This loading event also happens the very first time you open the Cartrack fleet management system on your computer and also after clearing your web browser cache.

Below are a couple of videos showing an example of the expected load times. The first video demonstrates the load time of the system when you load it up for the very first time, or after an update. The second video demonstrates the normal load times when the software is already cached in your web browser.