Cartrack’s Fleet Safety System

You can’t watch the vehicles in your fleet and the drivers on your team in person, but you do have to monitor them. You have to do this for a range of different essential business reasons, one of the most important of which is safety. Our fleet safety system is the solution.

With our fleet safety system at Cartrack, you can monitor every vehicle and driver in your fleet in real-time, improving safety and reducing risks to your staff, customers, the general public, and your business. Call a member of our team today on 09 444 1244 to find out more.

Fleet Safety Programs

Cartack’s Fleet Safety Softwares

With our fleet safety software solutions, you’ll be able to track and analyse key information in a range of crucial safety areas. This includes:

  • Driving hours to make sure drivers are taking breaks
  • Driving speed to ensure drivers are staying within the speed limit
  • Dangerous driving to identify dangerous incidents, manoeuvres, and actions
  • Vehicle fault codes and maintenance schedules to ensure the vehicles in your fleet are safe to be on the road


You’ll be able to access all the above information and more in real-time via your computer or phone using our fleet safety apps. However, you can’t monitor our fleet safety system 24-hours a day. You don’t work that long and, even when you are working, you have other responsibilities and duties. 

Our software has the solution, however, as it will send you alerts and notifications when the most important safety incidents take place.

In addition, you can reduce the risk of theft with our fleet safety system and tracking solutions.

Four Ways to Improve Fleet Safety with Our Fleet Safety Programs and Solutions

  • Safe driving behaviours – the drivers at Melbourne airport car hire will have varying levels of capability. You can raise standards through training, but you then need to monitor driver behaviour to ensure your team is following company standards and expectations. Without our fleet safety program, you’ll be able to see whenever a driver exceeds the speed limit as well as incidents of dangerous driving. You can then take further action to prevent those unsafe behaviours from occurring again.
  • Vehicle misuse – whether you allow your team to use the vehicles in your fleet or not, monitoring the misuse of vehicles, as well as unauthorised personal use, is important. With our vehicle tracking solutions, you’ll be able to see where your vehicles are used, when, how far they were driven, and how they were driven.
  • Fleet maintenance – a key part of improving the safety of your fleet is ensuring your vehicles are well-maintained. You’re busy, though, so it is easy to miss crucial safety milestones. Our software will send you reminders to help you stay on top of vehicle maintenance. It’s proactive too, so it will anticipate a wide range of vehicle issues before they happen.
  • Theft – there are two key ways our software can reduce the risk of vehicle theft in your business. The first is a feature available in some of our packages – a remote vehicle immobiliser to prevent your vehicle from being used. With our tracking devices, you’ll also know the location of the vehicle which you can pass to the police.

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