Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Solution

Cartrack’s advanced Fleet Management system puts you in total control of your fleet. Our GPS and GSM enabled telematics technology allows for real-time location, tracking and monitoring of your vehicles, enabling you to effectively and conveniently manage your fleet from anywhere, at any time.

Fleet Tracking & Manager


Cartrack’s Fleet Management System allows you to view detailed statistics about driver behaviour through proprietary scorecards, live activity monitoring and comprehensive reports. 


Receive real-time updates on vehicle status, speed and location. You can also upgrade to receive detailed driver, fuel and custom sensor information, as well as remote immobilization features.


Cartrack devices accurately record all of the details of a vehicle’s trip. Cartrack provides hassle-free, on-site device installations all around the country at your convenience.


Using GPS and Google’s mapping technology, Cartrack’s event-based tracking allows you to get total transparency of your fleet’s status and actions more frequently than any other provider.


Get comprehensive reports, including: detailed vehicle logs, trip overviews, driver scorecards, violation alerts, fuel consumption, geofencing overviews and many more.


With Cartrack’s real-time, event-based tracking, you can set up location, geofence, speeding and driving behaviour notifications  to be sent straight to your mobile phone.


Use Cartrack’s Fleet Management System to set up time and distance-based reminders for common vehicle permit renewals like registration, WOF, RUC and vehicle servicing intervals. 


Take your fleet management to the next level. Mifleet’s comprehensive set of permit and cost management tools for vehicles and drivers gives you even more control over your fleet.


Assign tasks and communicate directly with your users/drivers from the web to their Android/iOS devices. Communicator also allows drivers to report vehicle defects and create DVIRs


Pair your GPS and speed information with video footage for even more accurate information about any vehicle event. With access to visual confirmation of events, you are in a much better position to understand the real movements of your fleet.


With 15 years of industry experience, you can be assured that Cartrack is ready to take on any challenge, big or small.

Broad Service

Our solutions are not exclusive to vehicles. Track your other valuable assets with our versatile product range!


With technicians based around the country, we can get you installed whenever and wherever you are.


All our devices are backed with a lifetime* warranty. We’ll be there to repair or replace them should you encounter any issues.

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