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Our advanced GPS tracking technology, designed for real-time vehicle and asset tracking andf monitoring, updates gps data on each and every event that is triggered, such as acceleration, harsh braking, harsh turning, idling, ignition status and speeding as well as every 30 seconds. The way Cartrack nz tracks allows for more accurate gps data as we provide more data points than just basic time and distance-based vehicle and asset tracking. With our cloud FleetWeb interface and multiple mobile apps, you can effortlessly access a comprehensive overview of GPS-tracked vehicle positions, current statuses, and their respective speeds, offering a complete and efficient solution for gps vehicle tracking and fleet management and monitoring.

Cartrack NZ’s fleet management and GPS vehicle tracking solutions offer more than just traditional GPS tracking. We are not merely a GPS car tracker or GPS asset tracking company; we provide a holistic approach to fleet management by utilising cutting-edge vehicle tracking hardware solutions to gain a deeper understanding of your fleet.

Effortlessly monitor the whereabouts of your vehicles and drivers using GPS tracking solutions integrated into our centralized web and app-based system. With Cartrack NZ, you can access valuable insights in real-time, generate tracking reports, assess driver behavior, ensure vehicle compliance, and take advantage of advanced GPS and telematics features like Auto-RUC, DashCams, Sensors, and more. Our comprehensive GPS vehicle tracking solution is designed to streamline fleet management and empower you to make data-driven decisions. 

Who we are

Launched in South Africa in 2004, Cartrack has since established itself as a global leader in fleet management and vehicle tracking services.

With a presence in 24 countries across Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, USA, and New Zealand, Cartrack currently serves over 1.825 million subscribers worldwide.

In 2016, Cartrack launched in New Zealand, has a local team of 25 full-time employees, providing top-quality service to thousands of individuals and businesses from all industries throughout the country.

Whether you’re looking to track your fleet vehicles, monitor driver behaviour, or track your assets, we have the solution for you!

We are the global leader in fleet management and connected vehicles

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