Everything you want to know about Speeding

In Fleet Management, speeding plays a very important role. We know the obvious implications and what to avoid; accidents, fines, license demerit points. However, managing your fleets speed has many benefits.

For example, a vehicle travelling at 107kms per hour uses 20-25% more fuel than a vehicle travelling at 100kms per hour, and we all know what a big expense fuel is.

So, let’s talk about managing speed in the Cartrack system.

Default Speed & Reports
The default set speed for all vehicles is 110km/h. This is configurable per vehicle by request, as we understand different vehicle types can be limited to lower speeds.

To change any of your vehicles default speeds, please contact us at solutions@cartrack.nz.

We recommend using these reports to manage speeding in your fleet:

  • Detailed Speeding Detail
  • Detailed Speeding Summary

Speeding Events & Reports
A Cartrack tracker will send an event via the cellular data network for the following reasons:

  • Ignition on / off
  • Idling start, periodic, Idling end
  • Heading change
  • Travel of 1000m in a straight line
  • Harsh braking / acceleration / cornering
  • Over the set speed start / over the set speed ongoing / over the set speed end

Every event that the tracker sends contains the speed at which the vehicle is travelling. This is then compared to the legal speed limit as per our mapping database.

If the speed reported is higher than the legal speed, it is flagged.

Available reports:

  • Over the Road speed
  • Speeding in Excess of the Speed Limit

Speeding Events on the Map

These events are also flagged under the Map, at the top of the table. Clicking one of the icons will show a list of only those events. Clicking on the event will show where the event occurred on the Map above.

Over The Road Speed Disclaimer:

When the speed limits are changed in an area, occasionally they are not updated by our mapping provider immediately.

We can rectify this in the system as soon as we are made aware of it.

Additionally, in uncommon circumstances the system can apply the wrong road speed. Such as when a vehicle travels under another road with a different speed limit.