Effortlessly Find Geofences

When checking for vehicles nearby a specific geofence, you are now able to easily zoom-in to that geofence on the map, searching by the geofence name and then clicking on the search result.

How to Zoom Into a Geofence by Searching:

1. Log in to Client Login on the Cartrack website.
2. Click on Layers at the top right of the map, and select User Geofences if it’s not already selected.

3. Use the search function at the top of the sidebar to search for a Geofence.
4. Click on any geofence and the map will zoom into it.
5. You will now view the geofence that you selected.

Why search for a geofence:
Simply put, it saves your time zooming and scrolling all over the map to find a particular geofence.