Device Certifications

Products designed by the Cartrack engineering team are tested and certified for sale in 24 countries.

Certifications and approvals are completed for the country in which we sell the products.

Testing and approvals ensures that the device cannot affect the vehicle or users or be affected by third-party equipment.

All the test reports completed by the various test houses around the world are available on

Types of testing:
• Electrical testing
• Radio Frequency (RF) testing
• GSM 2G/3G/4G antenna performance testing
• Load dump testing (high voltage pulses do not affect the devices)
• ROHS (approvals ensuring no hazardous material such as lead are used in the devices)
• MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure —ensuring that the RF power cannot damage people)
• Safety testing (ensuring that the devices are safe to handle and cannot injure users)

Specific Country Testing:
• FCC (electrical and Radio Frequency testing for the USA)
• PTCRB (GSM approval testing for the USA)
• E-Mark (automotive approval used in Europe)
• CE (product approval used in Europe [typically discontinued in preference of RED])
• RED latest approval to replace the CE mark in Europe)
• TRA (specific UAE approvals)
• KSA (specific Saudi Arabia approvals)
• ICASA (specific South Africa approvals)
• R&TTE (radio and terminal telecommunications equipment)