Cartrack Delivery App

Power your deliveries!

Boost efficiency, delight customers and scale operations with Cartrack’s easy-to-use digital delivery management tool

Empower drivers, automate processes, boost efficiency and scale operations to offer fast and affordable deliveries that exceed customer expectations.

Efficient dispatching

Book drivers’ schedules in advance and optimise their routes, or dispatch your nearest available drivers on-demand.

Make drivers’ lives easy

Drivers receive everything they need to complete a delivery successfully with live updates for any ad-hoc changes via our user-friendly app.

Electronic proof of delivery

Receive signatures and photos for electronic proof of delivery and have all job history and timestamps available from anywhere. No more paperwork.

Route optimisation

Select your available drivers and our system will automatically allocate all your jobs due for the day between them based on the most optimised routes.

Eliminate admin

Jumpstart your delivery operations by easily connecting to your existing tools with our user-friendly APIs or bulk imports. Say goodbye to repeated manual workflows.


Powerful communication

Customers automatically get an email alerting them once your driver is on the way with a link to live track their delivery, and an email once a delivery is completed.

Speak to drivers

Streamline on-the-road calls for increased efficiency & safety. All contacts are controlled centrally and calls are auto-answered when a vehicle is moving.
-Coming soon-

For delivery managers:

Simple task assignment and live tracking that keeps you in the loop from dispatch to delivery. With web-based access and daily reports, you can check on any job or driver to have total visibility and control of your operations.

Create a task:

Scheduled or on-the-go

Assign task:

Assing the task to a driver

Update Job:

Update Job Details in real-time


Monitor job progress and get alerted with updates

For your drivers

No more confusing group messages or lost paperwork. Delivery makes your drivers’ lives easy, and empowers them to do more in one day with less stress.

View jobs

View all their assigned jobs with instructions in the app


Use their preferred navigation app to get the pick-up and drop-off


Get photo and signature proof of a successful pick-up or drop-off


Complete the job

For your customers:

Keep your customers up to date on deliveries, and ensure goods arrive on-time & in good condition to guarantee the best service.


Get an email when their goods are on the way


Track the driver in real-time and know when to expect them


Accept their goods and sign on screen


Receive their delivery confirmation email

*Our API and bulk imports make it easy to seamlessly connect with your existing tools.

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