COVID-19 Update

The government has just announced that the National Alert Level for COVID-19 will be raised to Level 4. Cartrack New Zealand takes this news seriously and has decided to cease in-office operations for the foreseeable future.

Cartrack New Zealand office staff will still be working remotely and will be available for any technical/sales support and training that you may require.

Since the office will be unmanned, our direct line, 09-444-1244 will not be answered. To get in touch with us, please call our 0508 CARTRACK number instead or contact us via email or the form in the Contact page.

Unfortunately, our technicians will not be able to attend to any installations or repairs during this time due to the health and safety risks this imposes on both our staff and yourself.

Update [02/04/2020]:
During the lockdown period, clients may notice that in the fleet management software, the icons for their vehicles may have changed to a symbol that resembles a Wi-Fi icon along with a “no-signal” message. This is normal as the software will display vehicles like this if they have not moved or generated any new GPS positions in the last 7 days. Simply starting your vehicle(s) and letting them run for a minute or so should revert the icon back to normal.