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Cartrack’s vehicle GPS tracking solutions give you more than just regular GPS tracking. We are not just a GPS Car tracker or GPS Asset tracking company, we are a comprehensive fleet management company that uses vehicle tracking hardware solutions to gain insights on your fleet.

Effortlessly keep tabs on the whereabouts of your vehicles and drivers through GPS tracking solutions on our centralised web and app-based system. Utilising Cartrack NZ – Access valuable insights instantly, generate tracking reports, monitor driver behaviour performance, ensure vehicle compliance, and enjoy other advanced GPS and telematics features such as Auto-RUC, DashCams, Sensors and more . Our comprehensive GPS Vehicle tracking solution is designed to simplify fleet management and empower you to make data-driven decisions.


Our proprietary AI, Analytics and Data Contextualisation ensure your business drives huge value from these untapped actionable insights.

Known benefits of Telematics

Most businesses understand the introductory benefits of telematics. Questions such as “where is my driver and where did they go today”.

Unknown benefits of Operations Management Technology

To unlock the full potential of a business, every asset, individual and team needs to be connected and all moving parts must move together. Questions like “where are my cost leakages”, “how can I automate my admin and empower my drivers”, “how good a service do I provide my customers” and ”how can I improve driver safety to cut my costs” all lead to a fully efficient operation.

We are the global leader in fleet management and connected vehicles

125 billion +

data points processed monthly

1,825,000 +

active subscribers across 24 countries


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